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Monday, June 8, 2015

The Piper
I sing, I dance, I play my flute
with skill that gleans the smallest heart.
My robes are bright and stained throughout
with red and green and blue, as if
the rainbow bore my clothes herself.
With scintillating eyes and a sharp wit,
I spy the little ones wherever they are. 
I raise my flute to lips of rose,
and blow the tunes all hearts must know.
My feet will tap and lead away,
from home, or hearth, or crag, or crack,
with fur of brown or plump fingers
they can’t resist my tap or tune. 
First, the brown rats
that plague your town, which over run
and bring the dark.  You have no skills
nor wit so sharp, you asked me here
to use my flute, and lead away
your rats, who bring decay and stay.
A beguiling tune I played on my flute
and led your rats out of your town.
You swindled me the promised fee,
so darkness in my heart was raised,
when seeing true your veiled ambition.
So to my lips was placed my flute
to play a strain
for cherubs loved
by town in vain.
Their fingers plump and cheeks so red
with bellies full of meat and bread,
their laughter was to moms and dads
like air to breathe and sleep to have. 
So without fee, I began to play
bewitching tunes near home and hearth
and tap my feet to songs allure
and lead away the hearts so pure. 
We danced and skipped and formed a line,
and to the edges of town we went. 
Beyond we danced and sang away
to flute and tap, their children danced
to places far abroad
not once to see the town again.


  1. I like the many different words and phrases with which you paint the picture.

  2. btw, it's "iambic tetrameter", not "tetraTmeter" in your labels... sorry to be this anal German ;-)